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Passion for technology is at the core of our work. Every day we bite the bullets for our customers in Cloud, Big Data, IoT and Cyber Security. Living agile methodologies makes us fast, focused and delivery oriented. Together with our customers, we build the digital future.
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Hendrik van den Berg und Robin Parr Interview
Our Founders and Managing Directors, Hendrik van den Berg and Robin Parr about how we help you to create your digital future.
  • 1 | Advisory Services

    In a world that's as exciting as it is unpredictable and uncertain we help taking a wider perspective.

    Neos is a global team of IT engineers and consultants with a forward looking mindset and a collaborative culture. We work hard to understand our customers’ business issues and ask better questions for better decisions. We team globally to co-create more innovative answers with our clients.

  • 2 | Delivery Services

    We execute your digital strategy and enable you to adapt to a constantly changing digital environment.

    Neos delivers big, complex projects and helps achieving better working outcomes that scale, optimize and protect your business in the new digital world. The unique and ongoing collaboration with our customers results in better working businesses.

  • 3 | Operations Services

    Changing IT paradigms require a new way to approach operations. More innovative, more agile.

    New digital patterns are evolving, new generations are dominating the workforce and businesses have to adopt new behaviors fast. To be more innovative, more agile, more collaborative, more digital. Together with you, we embrace a diversity of ideas and a rich mix of talents, backgrounds and experiences. These combined perspectives will give you new insights and equip you to operate successfully in the digital world.

  • “We were quite quick in choosing Neos as our partners. Their expertise is enormous. It is not often that our consultants know more on the subject than we do, but in this case it was true.”
    Jörn Westermann Technical Director at noris network
  • “Wake up and look forward to going to work – That’s Neos! Bring your baby daughter to the office and the colleagues take care of her while you are in a meeting – That’s Neos! Loyalty to the company and to the team – That’s Neos!”
    Maria Mangeli PMO at Neos IT Services
  • “The thing about Neos that made the difference to me is the cost efficiency and the customer care, really outstanding.”
    David Bradley Regional Head of IT at PCS
  • “The great thing about having such a wide scope of highly skilled techies in the team is how simple watercooler conversations can evolve into deep dive sessions. The geek factor is high in this company :)”
    Steven Viljoen VMware Senior Specialist at Neos IT Services

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