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Neos IT helps you in any phase of your cloud journey based on best practices of cloud adoption framework. Our services range from discovery of current state, initial assessment, planning, landing zones, migration, and cloud operations.

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Neos Cloud Migration

We understand that that cloud migrations can be complex and disruptive to your business. Organizations are facing unexpected migration dependencies, mounting costs and security vulnerabilities that often go beyond the skills of existing inhouse IT teams.

Neos is a trusted cloud partner of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and has certified experts with various competencies. Together with your teams, we make your cloud journey a business success.

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Why is an organization considering the use of cloud, what is it expecting to achieve and what is the financial and technical impact? In order to streamline a cloud adoption program to meet strategic objectives, four key areas need to be clearly understood and defined:

• Strategic Motivations: How does cloud adoption support your business strategy and vison of your organization?

• Business Outcomes: Which impact does cloud have on tangible KPIs of your lines of business?

• Financial Considerations: Cloud adoption changes financial planning to be OPEX driven and frees up capital for other investment areas.

• Technical Considerations: In addition to technical migration scenarios and application refactoring, transitioning IT teams through a paradigm shift need to be carefully planned.

Discovery and Assessment

Goal of this phase is to understand the existing infrastructure and dependencies, in order to have data for planning a cloud migration.

Thinking in terms of the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), the insights from the Discovery and Assessment phase are handed over to the customer and used in the Planning phase, in which a detailed cloud design and migration plan are constructed. Then a detailed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is calculated and the business case for the migration is reviewed and signed-off by the final decision makers.

The outcome of the Discovery and Assessment phase is an inventory of the current digital estate:

• Infrastructure inventory and Services including Operating Systems, Databases, Virtual Machines, Storage and Network

• Assessment of workloads that can easily be migrated into the cloud, and those needing a different R (refactor, retire, repurchase)

• Expected cloud costs in case of a migration

• Application and workload dependencies that need to be considered in a migration

As part of you cloud adoption journey Neos IT support you with our trusted and proven discovery and assessment service.


During migration planning, Cloud Adoption Strategy and insights from Discovery & Assessment are translated into a specific solution architecture. TCO is refined and workloads are added to the cloud migration roadmap. Application dependencies, application lifecycle and potential for cloud native transformation, refactoring or re-architecture are key factors to consider.

Existing DevOps competencies are assessed and a potential acceleration of DevSecOps practice considered with Cloud Native DevOps tooling. Customers typically consider an agile approach of establishing iterations and release plans.

6R of Cloud Migration:

1. Rehost: use IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), aka lift-and-shift
2. Re-platform: add PaaS (Platform-as-aService), aka “lift-tinker-and-shift”
3. Re-architect: Rebuild the application with a cloud-native architecture
4. Replace / Repurchase: buy SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) instead
5. Retire: switch off redundant apps
6. Retain: do nothing now and revisit later

Landing Zone

It is key to reduce security and compliance risks while keeping costs under control early in the Cloud Adoption Journey.

Companies in the early phases of Cloud Migration are often surprised by a cost explosion or a security incident. This is especially painful if production workloads have been migrated, often making roll-back difficult. The best practice on public cloud is to deploy and run your workloads on top of a Landing Zone, a secure and compliant foundation. Landing Zones quickly introduce guardrails in Azure, AWS and OCI with a policy-driven architecture that grows with your needs.



Migration is executed in various ways depending on the workload type and the degree of transformation.

A relatively simple lift&shift migration performed via back-up & restore or migration tool can be suitable for smaller IT footprints, while large-scale migrations typically require focus on processes and the introduction of a Migration Factory and Center of Excellence.

Specific scenarios like the migration of on-prem data lakes can be executed with the redirection of data streams, while a legacy ERP System requires breaking down the monolithic architecture and introducing services.

Finally, applications that differentiate the company in the market often benefit from re-architecting to take full advantage of cloud native services as well as DevOps practices.

Neos Cloud Migration

Following a successful migration, existing IT teams are often overwhelmed with the new cloud operations and processes. Managed Services for Operations can help transitioning to future modes of operation or be used long-term to re-allocate valuable IT resources to tasks that add value to the business. Continuous Innovation and Architecture Reviews are common activities in Cloud Operations, in addition to traditional patching and incident management.

Finally, Compliance and IT Security require adjustment of policies as well as providing data for regulatory and compliance activities.

Our Cloud Partner

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the pioneer and global leader in public cloud services.

As AWS partner we build leading edge solutions for our customers.
Our certified Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers and Security Experts package the right mix of services together to deliver the ideas of our customer.

Amazon Web Services Consultant Partner


Microsoft is a global technology company with product, service and data center presence around the world.

As Microsoft Solutions Partner, we work with its applications and cloud portfolio supporting all license models. We build and operate large-scale enterprise applications on premise , hosted and in the Azure cloud. For our Microsoft 365 customers we provide full stack services for the Microsoft 365 suite.

Microsoft Solutions Partner


Oracle is a global technology company specialized in developing database software, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products.

As Oracle Partner, we operate large-scale enterprise solutions using Oracle’s database technology under all license models. Neos also provides full service for the Oracle Cloud Machine and enables customers to transition its data into the cloud.

Oracle Partner

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