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Cloud Migration

Neos IT effectively helps you in any phase of your cloud journey, from initial assessment, Cloud Adoption Framework, Landing Zones and Migration.

Cloud Migration

A cloud migration can be complex and disruptive. Enterprises are facing unexpected mounting costs and dependencies with other applications.

Organisations need to adapt to the Cloud paradigm and a new way for how to plan, size and run IT.

What we offer
As an experienced integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware and Red Hat, we provide extensive experience and together with your teams, we make your cloud journey a business success.
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Big Data Migration to Cloud

Platforms based on hosted solutions require large clusters of servers that are slow to provision, expensive to procure, and complex to manage. Migrating your Big Data platform to the cloud allows you to deploy and scale the capacity you need to process, store, and analyze any Big Data workloads. Every organisation is unique, however, and migrating, configuring and managing your Big Data platforms can be complex.

What we offer
Our experts know Big Data and our proven methodology helps our clients to reduce the risks and costs of Big Data migrations. Neos cloud architects analyze, migrate and optimize your current Big Data platforms. We guide you through the process of making your Big Data migration a success.
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Cloud Adoption Program

The introduction of cloud services into a running enterprise IT environment can be difficult. In the past enterprise architecture has delivered solid foundations to run enterprise applications, steady, predictable and on purpose designed infrastructure.

Today, cloud providers offer hyper-specific services, highly standardized and designed for a high-volume use case. This can be delivery of a virtual machine, storage, a database or even a micro service that executes snippets of code.

What we offer
Neos has developed the “Cloud Readiness Analysis.” The goal is to find the best cloud solution for you and to define a description and prioritization of the transition process. We offer a free workshop with your decision makers. We make you familiar with our various cloud services and models and collect all the information, expectations and quantity structures necessary for “Cloud Readiness Analysis”.
This “Cloud Readiness Analysis” is provided in the form of a report. This serves as a sustainable basis for decisions
✔ On the benefits of the cloud transition
✔ To identify possible improvement scenarios
✔ As a high-level definition of the transition process
✔ As a proposal for prioritizing individual services into the cloud
✔ As an exemplary cost calculation of a cloud service.
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