A Strong Partnership to Form the Backbone of the Digital Future

Ficolo and Neos IT are collaborating in the Nordics to provide world-class data center and IT platforms. By leveraging the strengths of Ficolo‘s colocation services and data centers as well as Neos‘ IT expertise, we can offer solutions that meet customers’ requirements for security, reliability and flexibility.

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Key Benefits of our Partnership:

1. The Safest Place for your Data

The Data Center Risk Index 2013 ranks Finland as the safest location in the world. Safe and reliable places to store and process information are indispensable in today’s world of vastly growing amounts of digital information. However, physical and societal security is seldom enough. Finland has a regulatory and legislative environment that respects online privacy and a fl ourishing cyber security sector capable of delivering the latest solutions to protect data from unlawful access.

Therefore it’s safe to say Finland offers one of the safest and most reliable environments in the world for storing and processing information. Located inside a Finnish bedrock Ficolo’s data center offers build-in security which has been enhanced with modern physical and data security solutions.

2. Minimize Risks with Neos´Highly Secure and Certified Infrastructure

Neos can minimise risks by offering highly secure, level 1 PCI DSS certified infrastructure, which fulfills the most stringent requirements. Benefits go beyond lower expenses, streamlined processes and higher security standards, to include access to expert knowledge and advice on the highly complex topic.

A collaboration with Neos and the use of their PCI DSS certificated infrastructure will open up new possibilities, allowing companies to offer products and services that were not previously available without the certification. Plus, they do not have to implement their own certified infrastructure, reducing the cost and complexity of internal systems. Neos ensures the preservation of the PCI DSS certification through regular maintenance and quality updates; as a result clients do not have to review their standards annually to remain certified.

3. Increase your Cost Efficiency and Save in Energy Costs

We realise cost efficiencies and reduce time to market through cloud enabled operation of your platforms. An important advantage for the customer is that the powerful and flexible infrastructure gives the agility to meet the ever changing needs of a customer in today‘s fast-changing world.

Price, availability and supply of energy are some of the most attractive aspects of operating a datacenter in Finland. Locating your data in Finland can save energy costs up to 50% compared to Germany (Source: Gartner September 16, 2014) and Ficolo’s data center is even more cost efficient as the bedrock reduces the energy needed for cooling. More than that, as environmentally conscious we utilize 100% renewable energy.

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