Security first: Neos attains PCI-DSS certification

In March 2016 Neos successfully became certified for PCI-DSS level 1 hosting services.

Mockup Illustration Magazine, Neos IT Services

This certification was a major milestone for Neos, as their clients comply to ever increasing demanding requests for security around data privacy and storage.

Read how Neos recognised the need to add this certification to its portfolio and how we went about it. Working closely together with an external company expert in this field as a consult and an auditor, Neos achieved this status within a six month period. The existing skill sets of the Neos employees allowed for Neos to ramp up quickly in what inevitably is the first stage of PCI certifications and which calls for careful and accurate procedures to be defined and adhered to.

With the challenges facing vendors in the world of eCommerce and the increasingly complex supply chains and third party involvement, agencies, payment apps etc, outsourcing some of this burden to a company like Neos can be a real benefit. Our experience in ensuring seamless integration and transition is essential for secure transactions.

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