The 2018 Neos Bad Bot Report

in Cyber Security
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About the Bad Bot Report

The 2018 Bad Bot Report investigates the daily attacks sneaking past sensors and wreaking havoc on websites. It’s based on 2017 data collected from Distil Networks’ global network, and includes hundreds of billions of bad bot requests, anonymized over thousands of domains. Our goal is to offer guidance about the nature and impact of automated threats to those of you on the frontlines of website security.

What makes this report unique is its focus on bad bot activity at the application layer (layer 7 of the OSI model). Automated application layer attacks differ from volumetric DDoS attacks, the latter manipulating lower level network protocols.

Bad bots interact with applications in the same way a legitimate user would, making them harder to detect. Bots enable high-speed abuse, misuse, and attacks on your websites and APIs. They enable attackers, unsavory competitors, and fraudsters to perform a wide array of malicious activities.

Such activities include web scraping, competitive data mining, personal and financial data harvesting, account takeover, digital ad fraud, spam, transaction fraud, and more.

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