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A holistic view on IT Security will guide your efforts and investments to effectively increase security levels.

Security Governance

IT managers are confronted with numerous policies and standards to fulfill. Expectation is to be in control of implementation and execution at all times and to be able to provide transparency.

Neos is here to help you enforcing policies and standards irrespectively which cloud you use and which environment you operate. Management reports ensure you are aware of deviations to act upon swiftly.

What we offer
Neos helps you identifying the right technical and organizational measures which are suitable to ensure consistent compliancy. Jointly, management reports and KPI dashboards are defined along with the measurement points required. Data as well as the report generation will be specified up to a level which allows implementation on working level. With this, you have operational guidance as well as compliance reports at your hand.
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Proactive Security

Even if you have designed a build an environment to the best possible standard, you don’t know if it is still secure on the next day.

Patching, vulnerability management, access management, connection management and other processes need to be in control to keep the environment healthy and risk free at any time. To focus on your customer and your business you want to have someone taking care of that.

What we offer
Neos offers a wide range of managed security services. Patching, hardening and vulnerability management is at its core, supplemented by internal and external vulnerability scans and penetration tests. Neos also offers user management (IAM) from a user lifecycle perspective (Onboarding, Privilege Management, Offboarding) as well as from a governance perspective (Role-based access control) using robust industry standards (MFA, Certifications). To protect your environment from unwanted traffic, Neos is ensuring that only authorized and valid connections are present. On all managed security services, auditable reports are provided.
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Reactive Security

To prevent breaches and attacks to impact your reputation, your financial health or the data your customer has handed over to you, you need to be able to identify and verify security events quickly and to respond effectively.

This is to stop any malicious activities as soon as possible and to contain potential damage to the greatest extent. Forensic along with continuous improvement will ensure you keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape.

What we offer
Neos offers automated security and incident event management (SIEM), which capabilities are evolving through machine learning algorithms. The automation is augmented by 24x7 security operations center (SOC) and forensic experts. Our engineers are available to identify and implement any measure required to counteract on the security incident. With the help of architects and service managers a review of the technical and organizational measures is done to identify improvement areas to be addressed.
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Platform Readiness

To sleep well at night, you want to have a platform which is known for its robustness and capability to sustain attacks from the outside and the inside.

Why industry standards are out there for specific technical problems your environment is special. Hence, you need someone who starts from your business need and ends with the handover of a fully functional, secure platform.

What we offer
In Neos, before we start to work with you on the solution design we focus heavily on the requirement phase. We believe that business and functional requirements are not contradicting with security needs if both are aligned from the very first moment. By having clarity on the characteristics of the environment we can drive the technical design process in a very effective way, keeping time to market short and reduce development cost. Together with our partners, we can pick the right elements which are both supporting your business while being industry standard for their respective area. Our team of developers and engineers are experienced to put this into reality and either operate it on your behalf or hand it over to your operational team.
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Organizational Readiness

In organizations, security has to be set-up around the principles of a central nervous system. You need senses to assess criticality of static or dynamic pattern, you need a transport system aggregating this data to become information and you need a well-trained decision organ to gauge the associated risk and to trigger appropriate organizational responses. This has to be grown in an organization as it can not be implanted.

What we offer
Using the ISO 27001 framework, we work with you to establish a common understanding in your organization on what security requires organizationally. We help you establishing an information security management system and how to develop security concepts for your use-cases. From an operational perspective we can support you in defining the controls, the processes and the management reports required to ensure effective implementation of the security concepts. Our team of project and service managers can amend your teams to accelerate and simplify implementation.
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