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Digital Platforms. The future of value creation.

In the digital economy, platforms are the foundation for new value creation. Learn how we create platform-based ecosystems for your future digital services.

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Our take on Digital Platforms

”We create a digital platform ecosystem for your future digital services. You don’t need to care about infrastructure, network or outsourcing services because we do. We deploy proven best-of-breed solutions to ensure security, availability and scalability while your developers focus on „the next big thing“. Together with our technology and solution partners our ecosystem offers the underlying digital platform for services in the area of digital identity, customer experience, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things.”

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Digital Platforms Advisory Services

We help you identifying the right digital platforms and auxiliary services for your business needs

Enterprise Architecture

Your enterprise architecture links your IT infrastructure with your business goals to ensure adaptability of your IT and your corporate strategy. This adaptability is the foundation for the right balance between efficiency, flexibility and innovation.
In our view, enterprise architecture contains of four perspectives. The business perspective, the application perspective, the data perspective and the technology perspective. If all four are well-defined, an organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives.
What we offer
We strive to achieve greater alignment between your IT and your business concerns. In order to successfully develop and execute your digital roadmap, our IT experts look at the four layers of enterprise architecture (Business, Application, Data, Technology) to improve your decision-making, adaptability to change, eliminate inefficient and redundant processes. and make optimal use of your assets.
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Global Distributed Computing

Some applications and use-cases require special characteristics where classic cloud is only second choice with regards to cost-efficiency and flexibility. You may need data to remain within country boundaries, or network latencies matter.
A fully-managed global distributed pool of computing might be the answer if your problem demands higher flexibility and an alternative to classic cloud infrastructure.
What we offer
At Neos we have created a unique combination of infrastructure and networking options. Based on our own data centers in Munich and Singapore, as well as our colocation and connectivity partners in Thailand and the Nordics, we are able to provide the platform for your digital services with a maximum of security and flexibility. We advise you in how to make best use of global distributed computing in order to meet your individual needs.
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