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Digital Platforms. The future of value creation.

In the digital economy, platforms are the foundation for new value creation. Learn how we create platform-based ecosystems for your future digital services.

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Our take on Digital Platforms

”We create a digital platform ecosystem for your future digital services. You don’t need to care about infrastructure, network or outsourcing services because we do. We deploy proven best-of-breed solutions to ensure security, availability and scalability while your developers focus on „the next big thing“. Together with our technology and solution partners our ecosystem offers the underlying digital platform for services in the area of digital identity, customer experience, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things.”

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Digital Platforms Delivery Services

We deliver the infrastructure, networking and outsourcing services
to enhance the value of your business application

IT Project Delivery

Most IT projects are getting larger, touching more parts of the organization as usually thought, and posing a risk to the company if something goes wrong. Today, half of all large IT projects are either blowing their budgets, overrun their schedule or deliver less value than predicted.
Organizations need highly-skilled and experienced project managers knowing the success factors of how to make your IT project endeavour a success.
What we offer
We have a strong track record in delivering complex, large-scale IT projects on time, on budget and on value. We offer to align your project process and teams with our highly experienced project managers, to deliver your project more successfully, together. We help you and your organization to avoid some of the common pitfalls and improve the chances of delivering a truly successful IT and digital transformation project.
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Digital Identity Management

The aim of "digital identity“ is to verify, identify and authenticate an individual based on one or more physical or behavioral characteristics. A variety of biometric methods such as fingerprint, handprint analysis, retina or iris scans, signature analysis or facial recognition can be applied.
Digital Identity Management is about to design a faultless authentication system which can be used in various applications to provide better services to your customers.
What we offer
Together with our partner Contactable, we build a platform ecosystem to demonstrate the benefit of digital identity in a larger scale. Contactable will play a pivotal role as a pool of identity. We will generate the digital platform ecosystem for each users to access personal information upon the permission preferences. Get in touch with us in case you are interested in our solution or want to join our partner ecosystem.
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Secure Enterprise WAN

In order to increase security and flexibility, SDN fabric service providers enable dynamic, real-time connectivity services between major carrier-neutral colocation centres.
This allows enterprises to virtually connect their IT infrastructures through internet routing tables rather than purchasing millions of dollars’ worth of IT equipment, and relieves enterprises of network issues, IT spending budget constraints, and engineering expertise required to launch a highly secure and complex technology, like software-defined networking.
What we offer
Together with our partners we offer an all-in-one solution to move and place your data securely. We help you to meet diverse demands and offer packaged solutions tailored to differing requirements – highly efficient security whether connecting to the cloud, to data centers or to any IT resource. Get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of our level-3 secure cloud connect solution.
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Big Data Services

By 2020, the world will experience more than 44 zettabytes of digital data. But it’s not about big data, it’s about what you do with your data. You need to apply the right tools, processes and technologies.
Technology is changing so rapidly in the big data market, your investments are typically obsolete before any ROI can be realized. We help you to set-up and run your big data platform, take the entire technology stack off your hands and simply deliver the insightful service.
What we offer
You have the data. We have the certified big data experts who solve your Big Data challenge. Most recently, we conducted a large and complex big data project where we migrated a hosted Hadoop environment into the public cloud. We accelerate your time to value, reduce risk & costs, implement and run the project by leveraging the experience from our certified big data experts and offer tailored and flexible solutions.
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