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Digital Platforms. The future of value creation.

In the digital economy, platforms are the foundation for new value creation. Learn how we create platform-based ecosystems for your future digital services.

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Our take on Digital Platforms

”We create a digital platform ecosystem for your future digital services. You don’t need to care about infrastructure, network or outsourcing services because we do. We deploy proven best-of-breed solutions to ensure security, availability and scalability while your developers focus on „the next big thing“. Together with our technology and solution partners our ecosystem offers the underlying digital platform for services in the area of digital identity, customer experience, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things.”

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Digital Platforms Operations Services

We manage your application and operate the underlying stacks
so that you can focus on the "next big thing".

IT Operations (ITIL)

More and more enterprises want to consume infrastructure as a commodity service, focusing on the value creation in the upper layers and care less about the underlying infrastructure and its operational requirements.
That’s why organizations seek managed IT operations according to trusted industry standards including continuous activities such as the control and maintenance of the IT infrastructure in accordance with the agreed service level agreemeents.
What we offer
We operate your IT infrastructure both in public clouds or in hybrid setups with your enterprise data center. Using a combination of tools and skills our global OPS teams ensure your service is running as planned. We ensure that your security & compliance procedures are followed and the best “service-to-cost-ratio” is being achieved. All operations services are available 24x7 and our domain engineers ensure availability against your individual SLA.
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Managed Application Hosting

As enterprise applications become more complex, managed application hosting services enable IT teams to offload time-consuming routine maintenance and management while also improving performance and reducing costs.
Due to skill shortage and shrinking budgets, organizations often look for fully-managed services to save time and money. Leverage the full potential of security, availability and scalability of mission-critical applications to enable your end-users to be more productive and to move the business forward.
What we offer
Our expertise is vast where applications are running off Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL servers and NoSQL databases. Our database skills consist of the creation, set up and operation of databases, right through to Back up and Recovery. In addition, we are able to operate the applicable middleware too. We also offer you advice if you want to build a platform yourself. Or we take on operational responsibility for running your platform, and program interfaces connecting your own IT landscape.
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Data Center Operations

We see Data Center Outsourcing and Operations services as a bundle of standardized managed services and customized transition and transformation services. They may include the management of client premises and colocation, hosting, and managed cloud service components.
What we offer
We operate in on-prem, virtual private clouds, multi-tenant data centers or colocation facilities. Our IT experts manage enterprise solutions and applications in your VMware or Red Hat based environment, either in your or in our data center. Our global operations teams in Europe and Asia hold certifications in leading technologies including VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle and many more.
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Network Services

Network infrastructure requirements are changing rapidly as IT professionals responsible for networking face dynamic business requirements, including changing application architectures.
Because enterprises' global network needs are evolving rapidly, and customers in this market look at flexibility and agility as key buying criteria, global network services like secure enterprise WAN, dedicated internet services, including managed-VPN or NFV services are becoming increasingly important.
What we offer
According to your individual needs, we provide logical and/or physical network connectivity within your data centers or global software-defined network services such as NFV, VPNaaS, Public Cloud on-ramps, WAN Edge Infrastructure, and secure multi-cloud connectivity. We strive to take the complexity out, enabling you to harness the benefits of more security, more performance, more flexibility and lower cost at the same time.
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