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Multi Cloud. Because one ist not enough.

Private, Public, Hybrid and Open – the Multi Cloud does it all. Learn how cloud infrastructure can elevate your application to more business success.

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Our take on Multi Cloud

”We call the combination of two or more clouds a Multi Cloud. This can include private, public and hybrid cloud models and providers. Selecting from multiple clouds gives you freedom of choice, commercial and technological advantage and allows you to manage your different risk and regulatory demand profiles. Each workload runs on the ideal cloud, but now you have multiple clouds to manage. Our Multi Cloud services enable you to manage your entire environment with full control over governance, operations and commercials.”

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Multi Cloud Advisory Services

We help you selecting the right mix of cloud solutions for your business needs

Cloud Adoption Program

The introduction of cloud services into a running enterprise IT environment can be difficult. In the past enterprise architecture has delivered solid foundations to run enterprise applications, steady, predictable and on purpose designed infrastructure.
Today, cloud providers offer hyper-specific services, highly standardized and designed for a high-volume use case. This can be delivery of a virtual machine, storage, a database or even a micro service that executes snippets of code.
What we offer
Neos has developed the “Cloud Readiness Analysis.” The goal is to find the best cloud solution for you and to define a description and prioritization of the transition process. We offer a free workshop with your decision makers. We make you familiar with our various cloud services and models and collect all the information, expectations and quantity structures necessary for “Cloud Readiness Analysis”.
This “Cloud Readiness Analysis” is provided in the form of a report. This serves as a sustainable basis for decisions
✔ On the benefits of the cloud transition
✔ To identify possible improvement scenarios
✔ As a high-level definition of the transition process
✔ As a proposal for prioritizing individual services into the cloud
✔ As an exemplary cost calculation of a cloud service.
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Multi Cloud Architecture

One is not enough. In over 80% of all enterprise IT scenarios the use of at least two cloud infrastructure solutions is required per application to deliver to optimal business performance.
This can include a private cloud such as VMware, KVM and OpenStack, public cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google as well as virtual private clouds from telcos, internet service providers or system integrators. We call the combination of two or more cloud solutions a Multi Cloud.
What we offer
Together with our customers, we build Multi Cloud Architectures for new and existing enterprise IT environments. Using cloud patterns, best practices and reference architectures we ease the process so that our customers can focus on their business drivers: agility, compliance, security and user experience.
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IT Transformation

Cloud computing has profoundly disrupted business models, the way how to operate IT and, on a bigger scale, its very mission. While in the past IT had to keep “the lights on” in today’s world, its priority is to innovate and to enable business strategy.
This evolution drives transformation into IT. Going forward, IT must be faster, more agile and more responsive to business needs. Critically, it not just enables but also helps to shape the organization’s broader strategy.
What we offer
We work with CIOs and IT Managers to foster innovation and agility through transforming IT processes, technologies and culture. With our experts we facilitate IT transformation projects both with an operational and strategic bias. For example, do we facility software refactoring projects to migrate enterprise applications to a Multi Cloud solution. We also help transforming towards a cloud oriented software development process through building automated code pipelines and DevOps models for our customers.
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DevOps Consulting

In a world of 1000+ new applications every week, growing mobile usage and analytics driven actions, IT departments look for new ways to run IT – from development to operations.
DevOps describes a culture that brings development and operations teams together to run the code pipeline lifecycle. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development and operations approaches. Today over 74% of all companies have or are planning to adopt DevOps as a new way to operate their IT.
What we offer
Our consultants can help you setting up your approach to introduce a DevOps model into your organization. Together with our DevOps engineers we share hands-on experiences from real projects to help building an understanding of how you can benefit from a DevOps operations model.
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Organizations want to enable their employees to work from home or remote locations, allow their employees to bring their own device (BYOD), and offer modern collaboration and communication software. At the same time, companies need to deliver applications in a secure way to multiple end devices without huge investment in Laptops, VPN tunnels and expensive VDI technology. Data privacy laws, GDPR and local laws and regulations make is harder and harder for organizations to stay compliant.
What we offer
WorkZone - a smart way for your team to work - is a pay-as-you-go managed service by Neos IT. The service covers VDI infrastructure, licenses and subscriptions, Azure Cloud consumption, Microsoft 365 and Neos IT premium support. With WorkZone, organisations avoid upfront investment in company laptops and their own VDI infrastructure while employees can connect to business applications from any device and enjoy modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.
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