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Multi Cloud. Because one ist not enough.

Private, Public, Hybrid and Open – the Multi Cloud does it all. Learn how cloud infrastructure can elevate your application to more business success.

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Our take on Multi Cloud

”We call the combination of two or more clouds a Multi Cloud. This can include private, public and hybrid cloud models and providers. Selecting from multiple clouds gives you freedom of choice, commercial and technological advantage and allows you to manage your different risk and regulatory demand profiles. Each workload runs on the ideal cloud, but now you have multiple clouds to manage. Our Multi Cloud services enable you to manage your entire environment with full control over governance, operations and commercials.”

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Multi Cloud Delivery Services

We help you integrating the right mix of cloud solutions for your business needs

Multi Cloud Migration

A multi cloud migration can be complex and disruptive. Enterprises are facing unexpected mounting costs and dependencies with other applications.
Organisations need to adapt to the Cloud paradigm and a new way for how to plan, size and run IT.
What we offer
As an experienced integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware and Red Hat, we provide extensive experience and together with your teams, we make your multi cloud journey a business success.
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Cloud Archive and Backup

Organizations are finding that as their data continues to grow with the business, existing archive and backup solutions are also increasing from a time, administrative, and cost resource requirement. On-premises archive and backup solutions often require large upfront investments in storage infrastructure and ongoing, specialized maintenance. Recovery times become harder to meet due to the manual overhead associated with retrieving backup copies, impacting business performance and leaving organizations at risk.
What we offer
Neos IT Services leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you build secure, efficient, and cost-effective archive and backup solutions using solutions you know and trust, with the scale and reliability of the AWS Cloud. Archive and backup solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) improve operational efficiency through seamless ease of use, fast backup and archival times, simplifying data recovery, and reducing infrastructure and management costs.
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Big Data Migration to Cloud

Platforms based on hosted solutions require large clusters of servers that are slow to provision, expensive to procure, and complex to manage. Migrating your Big Data platform to the cloud allows you to deploy and scale the capacity you need to process, store, and analyze any Big Data workloads. Every organisation is unique, however, and migrating, configuring and managing your Big Data platforms can be complex.
What we offer
Our experts know Big Data and our proven methodology helps our clients to reduce the risks and costs of Big Data migrations. Neos cloud architects analyze, migrate and optimize your current Big Data platforms. We guide you through the process of making your Big Data migration a success.
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Microsoft 365 Migration

Today’s digitization of the workplace presents both opportunity and disruption for end users and support organizations. Employees are becoming more mobile, more instant and more connected.
In the evolution to intelligent infrastructure, we can accelerate your workplace strategy and deliver workplace solutions for different types of workers enabling flexibility and efficiency.
What we offer
Neos has rolled-out and migrated Microsoft 365 into businesses of nearly all sizes. Benefit from our experiences, successes and learn about the pitfalls. We help you launch Microsoft 365 into your business and make your digital workplace agenda a success. We can help you develop short- and long-term workplace strategies based on Microsoft 365 and other collaboration tools, automation, mobility and analytics solutions.
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Agile IT Projects

Breaking down complex work into smaller and simpler activities is an ever-lasting concept that exists since Henry Ford's invention of the assembly line in 1913. Best practices such as Scrum established a standard for managing IT projects in an agile way.
In a world of increasing complexities, dependencies and volumes, an agile approach such as Scrum enables greater collaboration and manageability across the entire project.
What we offer
We resource your project with DevOps teams, Scrum Masters and Prince² Project Managers so that you can focus on your product outcome and priorities during the project. Our services can flexibly be used to close any skill or resource gap. And, if needed we also apply classic waterfall project management competencies.
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Organizations want to enable their employees to work from home or remote locations, allow their employees to bring their own device (BYOD), and offer modern collaboration and communication software. At the same time, companies need to deliver applications in a secure way to multiple end devices without huge investment in Laptops, VPN tunnels and expensive VDI technology. Data privacy laws, GDPR and local laws and regulations make is harder and harder for organizations to stay compliant.
What we offer
WorkZone - a smart way for your team to work - is a pay-as-you-go managed service by Neos IT. The service covers VDI infrastructure, licenses and subscriptions, Azure Cloud consumption, Microsoft 365 and Neos IT premium support. With WorkZone, organisations avoid upfront investment in company laptops and their own VDI infrastructure while employees can connect to business applications from any device and enjoy modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.
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