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Multi Cloud. Because one ist not enough.

Private, Public, Hybrid and Open – the Multi Cloud does it all. Learn how cloud infrastructure can elevate your application to more business success.

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Our take on Multi Cloud

”We call the combination of two or more clouds a Multi Cloud. This can include private, public and hybrid cloud models and providers. Selecting from multiple clouds gives you freedom of choice, commercial and technological advantage and allows you to manage your different risk and regulatory demand profiles. Each workload runs on the ideal cloud, but now you have multiple clouds to manage. Our Multi Cloud services enable you to manage your entire environment with full control over governance, operations and commercials.”

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Multi Cloud Operations Services

We help you managing the right mix of cloud solutions for your business needs

Public Cloud Operations

The bad news on Cloud is, you still need to operate your solution in the cloud. This is particularly true from a security, continuous improvement and costing standpoint.
While the public clouds offer easy to consume, out of the box services, the responsibility for the solution remains with the customer, that’s you.
What we offer
We manage enterprise applications and solutions both in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure cloud, also in hybrid setups with your private cloud. Using a combination of tools and skills our Cloud DevOps teams ensure your service is running as planned. We ensure that your security & compliance procedures are followed and the best “service-to-cost-ratio” is being achieved. All operations services are available 24x7 and our domain engineers ensure availability against your individual SLA.
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Private Cloud Operations

Neos Private Cloud Operations is bringing the public cloud user experience into your data center. We manage enterprise solutions and applications in your VMware or Red Hat based environment, either in your or in our data center.
Our global operations teams in Europe and Asia hold certifications in leading technologies including VMware, Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle and many more.
What we offer
With our Global Managed Applications Platform (GMAP) you have instant access to a fully managed private cloud that is hosted in our data centers in Europe and Asia. GMAP has been built for enterprise applications with highest demand for security (GMAP is PCI-DSS 3.2 certified), performance and reliability. GMAP spans across Europe and Asia and can be tailored to meet your applications needs. All operations services are available 24x7 and our domain engineers ensure availability against your individual SLA.
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Multi Cloud Operations

Managing a Multi Cloud is more than just managing multiple clouds. Our focus is on your application and covers the constituting services, technologies and service providers. Multi Cloud Operations is built around your application and its end-to-end SLA.
What we offer
Together with your business owner we customize the service to your individual needs. We also offer several plug-in services so that you can engage micro services from Neos into your end-to-end operating process. For example with our Cost Optimization Service, we offer continuous monitoring of saving potentials across your Multi Cloud setup. Also DevOps resources or continuous security monitoring are available as consumable micro services. All operations services are available 24x7 and our domain engineers ensure availability against your individual SLA.
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Microsoft 365 Business Support

Today’s digitization of the workplace presents both opportunity and disruption for end users and support organizations. Employees are becoming more mobile, more instant and more connected.
Microsoft 365 as the leading technology for small businesses and enterprises forms the foundation of our workplace offering.
What we offer
We take the complexity out of deploying, managing and operating Microsoft 365 across all sizes of organizations. With us, you harness the power of Microsoft 365 with less of a burden on central IT. All operations services are available 24x7 and our domain engineers ensure availability against your individual SLA.
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Organizations want to enable their employees to work from home or remote locations, allow their employees to bring their own device (BYOD), and offer modern collaboration and communication software. At the same time, companies need to deliver applications in a secure way to multiple end devices without huge investment in Laptops, VPN tunnels and expensive VDI technology. Data privacy laws, GDPR and local laws and regulations make is harder and harder for organizations to stay compliant.
What we offer
WorkZone - a smart way for your team to work - is a pay-as-you-go managed service by Neos IT. The service covers VDI infrastructure, licenses and subscriptions, Azure Cloud consumption, Microsoft 365 and Neos IT premium support. With WorkZone, organisations avoid upfront investment in company laptops and their own VDI infrastructure while employees can connect to business applications from any device and enjoy modern collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.
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