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Security. Because it's not if, but when.

There is no single security solution or technology that fits it all. Learn how we use best-practice methodologies to consistently protect your business.

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Our take on Security

”Neos is helping organizations to meet the core security objectives around confidentiality, integrity and availability.
This requires to look at the full lifecycle from where information is generated, used, updated and eventually discarded. We help to identify and define the technical and organizational measures required to keep your business protected and compliant to information security standards at all times.”

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Security Advisory Services

We evaluate your security architecture and help you identify the right tools to protect your business.

IT Security Assessment

To ensure your business is protected from IT risks in the long run you need to know the major risk areas in your organization to direct resources and attention to the most vulnerable parts.
What we offer
Starting from your business problem we select the right methodology to assess organizational readiness, maturity of your processes and technical measures implemented already. Our focus is to verify to what extent your organization can protect your information assets and to identify the most relevant risk areas exposing your organization.
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ISO 27001 Advisory

ISO 27001 focuses on establishing an effective management system to minimize information security related risks. The certification proves to your customers that business benefits are realized in a reliable and secure manner.
What we offer
Every management system starts from top and hence, we offer awareness, training to understand and make use of the ISO 27001 approach. We help all levels of the organization to articulate the objectives, controls and governance structures required. This includes the preparation of service specific security concepts, the development of processes and management controls as well as creating technical designs to address high risk areas.
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PCI DSS Advisory

The PCI Data Security Standard is mandated by the credit card industry and was created to increase controls aroung cardholder information to reduce credit card fraud. When you either store, process or transfer credit card data your organization requires compliancy with the PCI Standard.
What we offer
As a PCI DSS Level 1 certified service provider we know what it takes to become PCI DSS certified and how to maintain certification. With our proven onboarding methodology, we clarify with you the PCI scope, the responsibilities of parties involved and how the technical and organizational measures have to be set up to match the PCI requirements for a successful audit. We can offer support in applying the methodology, in project management and in the development of the service and technical solution design.
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Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Before introducing Microsoft 365, Neos IT Services recommends an external assessment of the selected security strategy of the M365 tenant. The focus of the review should be on compliance with Microsoft recommendations and best practices, with particular emphasis on data loss prevention (DLP) settings.
The objective is to identify and evaluate risks and to show the potential for optimizing the security settings of your M365 tenant.
What we offer
Core elements of Neo's services are:
    • Audit report on today's M365 configuration
    • Proposal of an implementable project plan
The project plan will be developed in a 2-days workshop together with you. The identified risks are compared with the capabilities of M365 in order to derive an appropriate and feasible project plan. This will be handed to you together with the audit report in written form.
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Need Security Advisory?

Together with our partners we develop managed security solutions for our customers combining the expertise of our security experts with our advanced security tools to continuously defend against a broad spectrum of threat vectors.

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