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Security. Because it's not if, but when.

There is no single security solution or technology that fits it all. Learn how we use best-practice methodologies to consistently protect your business.

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Our take on Security

”Neos is helping organizations to meet the core security objectives around confidentiality, integrity and availability.
This requires to look at the full lifecycle from where information is generated, used, updated and eventually discarded. We help to identify and define the technical and organizational measures required to keep your business protected and compliant to information security standards at all times.”

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Security Delivery Services

We deliver managed security solutions to continuously defend against a broad spectrum of threat vectors.

Platform Readiness

To sleep well at night, you want to have a platform which is known for its robustness and capability to sustain attacks from the outside and the inside.
Why industry standards are out there for specific technical problems your environment is special. Hence, you need someone who starts from your business need and ends with the handover of a fully functional, secure platform.
What we offer
In Neos, before we start to work with you on the solution design we focus heavily on the requirement phase. We believe that business and functional requirements are not contradicting with security needs if both are aligned from the very first moment. By having clarity on the characteristics of the environment we can drive the technical design process in a very effective way, keeping time to market short and reduce development cost. Together with our partners, we can pick the right elements which are both supporting your business while being industry standard for their respective area. Our team of developers and engineers are experienced to put this into reality and either operate it on your behalf or hand it over to your operational team.
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Organizational Readiness

In organizations, security has to be set-up around the principles of a central nervous system. You need senses to assess criticality of static or dynamic pattern, you need a transport system aggregating this data to become information and you need a well-trained decision organ to gauge the associated risk and to trigger appropriate organizational responses. This has to be grown in an organization as it can not be implanted.
What we offer
Using the ISO 27001 framework, we work with you to establish a common understanding in your organization on what security requires organizationally. We help you establishing an information security management system and how to develop security concepts for your use-cases. From an operational perspective we can support you in defining the controls, the processes and the management reports required to ensure effective implementation of the security concepts. Our team of project and service managers can amend your teams to accelerate and simplify implementation.
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PCI DSS Certification

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) refers to the adherence to a series of security standards which were developed to set the technical and operational requirements for organizations accepting or processing payment transactions. PCI compliance is required for all entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data.
Every journey becomes easy if you know your destination and all the challenges you will face. Timelines and effort can be reduced significantly if the requirements and their technical and organizational implications are well understood and the PCI DSS certification often seems like a jungle where you would definitely like to have a knowledgeable guide with you.
What we offer
Starting of with the twelve PCI DSS requirements, we familiarize you with a greenfield approach for you to get a better understanding and a feeling for the complexity and options of solutions available. Subsequently, your current set-up is reviewed to decide how to evolve your IT technically but also organizationally to meet the PCI DSS requirements. Neos can help you with specifying the design changes needed along with product / vendor selection to define the target architecture. Our team of project managers, architects and engineers as well as service managers are there to help you implementing the target architecture and migrating legacy across. Eventually, after the preparation work has been done, Neos goes through the PCI DSS audit with you side to side. As a partner to your IT organization, Neos supports you throughout the year to maintain your PCI compliancy and helps you with the yearly re-audit.
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Together with our partners we develop managed security solutions for our customers combining the expertise of our security experts with our advanced security tools to continuously defend against a broad spectrum of threat vectors.

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