Hi, We are Neos

An innovative collective of like-minded experts from more than 20 different nationalities.

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A serious attempt to describe what we do

Neos is a cloud-, infrastructure- and service provider, specialised in building customised digital platforms across all industries, however customers from the travel- and airline industry are our biggest fish in the pond. We love to say, that we "take our customers on a journey", working with them to develop a road map for their IT activities and build tailor-made environments for them. With our data centres in Munich and Singapore, we can support our customers regardless of their location and we are able to offer on-site support. Both data centers are PCI-DSS certified and equipped with the latest technology and security standards.

Our teams work together across three geographical locations (Munich/Bratislava/Bangkok) and have expert knowledge in Linux, Windows, Networks, Databases & Big Data, VMware, Architecture and Applications. We offer a full range of solutions around Big Data, DevOps and Data Centres, including infrastructure and application management, cloud infrastructure enablement and application development platforms. In a nutshell: Neos is a whiz melting pot, employing people with more than 20 nationalities and we do everything in our power to help make our customers shine by having the right tool at the right time.

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What drives us

Our company values have been created by our people and our founders.
That's why we truly believe in them. They mean a lot to us, whether we're discussing ideas for new projects, deciding on the best solution for a customer's problem, or interviewing candidates.


Innovation involves being able to think in new ways, translate ideas into action and drive change. Innovation creates value within Neos.


To deliver quality we need to know what’s important to our customers and be consistently committed to satisfy these expectations.


Commitment is being proactive and never backing down no matter what challenges may arise. With it the ability to spot opportunities improves.


Transparency is lived when the reasons for decisions are clearly communicated and when topics are communicated in such way that everyone can participate for the benefit of the customer.


Acting empowered or enabling others to act empowered means acting freely and proactively to deal with challenges or to help others to act in such way.


Trust is a firm believe in the reliability, authenticity and ability of a person and essential at Neos to live the best team spirit every day.


Reflection is about questioning what we do and why we do it and then deciding whether there is a better way of doing it in the future.


Ubuntu means interacting with all people with respect and dignity disregarding their role or one’s personal sympathy for that person.

Our History

From two people with ideas in 2005 to a multi-million euro business, Neos has evolved into an IT Operations services partner for some of the largest companies in the travel industry, with over 100 people based in five countries. And we’re not stopping here…

A strategy consulting became a
leading IT operations company

Neos IT Services logo abstract

Neos was founded in 2005 as strategy consulting company and moved finally into IT operations in 2009.

Neos goes international

Neos IT Services Team Bratislava

With the acquisition of a VMware team to enhance our services, we opened our first international office in Bratislava. Since, then the office has grown to include our Siebel team and become a Cloud Centre of excellence.

Moving toward ‘follow the sun’

Neos IT Services Team Bangkok

Not just weather-wise! Bangkok was opened as part of our plan to have 24X7 service coverage from three locations. It was also to become our Global Operations Centre. We began with four desks in a Regus office and then moved to brand new office twice within six months, as we quickly outgrew the first one. And we’re still growing!

10 years old and still behaving like a start-up

Neos IT Services 10 years event

Nothing stands still. We changed our business from consultancy to IT Operations and expanded internationally, plus we hit the accelerator in terms of growth. During our 2015, we experienced our fastest growth in revenue since the company founded and took us to over €10m for the first time. We landed our largest project ever and adopted a DevOps approach to our work.

Growing-up gracefully

Employee profile in front of core value blackboard

Growing so fast made focus us on what we mean as a company. We were determined to retain the exciting and stimulating culture with which we began. We implemented a Change Programme to put emphasis on the type of company we want to continue being for employees and customers and to keep the original entrepreneurial spirit.

Taking our customers into the Clouds

Employee in front of a whiteboard, create your digital future - Whatever IT takes

As enterprise IT becomes more receptive to Cloud technologies and Public Cloud in particular, we have embraced these changes and now offer a comprehensive suite of services, helping our customers and prospective customers on their digital transformation journey.

We're always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us your resumé to become part of our talent pool.

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