IT Security Assessment

Assessing the security of your Endpoints, Servers, Active Directory and Cloud Services gives you data to decide whether security measures are needed - and which.
Our IT Security help customers to determine their IT security maturity and providing actionable recommendations.


Neos Information Security Audit

We conduct an in-depth survey covering policies, processes documentation and current technologies to assess the maturity of your information security measures. Upon completion, we provide you with you an extensive personalized report with key findings, improvement areas and recommendations. Detailed dashboards give you aggregated results per audited category, e.g. risk management, asset management, compliance.


Cybersecurity Assessment CSAT & Cloud Security Assessment CSAT

Microsoft sponsored*

The CSAT Cybersecurity Assessment Tool by QS solutions helps customers identify areas of potential cybersecurity risks within their environment. The end result of this assessment provides customers with a comprehensive look at their cybersecurity infrastructure, including current software deployment and usage, and delivers key insights to help them establish the right processes for cyber-risk reduction in your environment.

* Qualified customers can receive the assessment free of charge by working with Neos IT and Microsoft, where Microsoft covers the costs of the assessment.

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