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IT Transformation

Digital Transformation of most businesses is driven by substantial IT innovation. Cloud Experts at Neos IT help you design your IT transformation roadmap for a successful business.

DevOps Consulting

In a world of 1000+ new applications every week, growing mobile usage and analytics driven actions, IT departments look for new ways to run IT – from development to operations.

DevOps describes a culture that brings development and operations teams together to run the code pipeline lifecycle. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development and operations approaches. Today over 74% of all companies have or are planning to adopt DevOps as a new way to operate their IT.

What we offer
Our consultants can help you setting up your approach to introduce a DevOps model into your organization. Together with our DevOps engineers we share hands-on experiences from real projects to help building an understanding of how you can benefit from a DevOps operations model.
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Enterprise Architecture

Your enterprise architecture links your IT infrastructure with your business goals to ensure adaptability of your IT and your corporate strategy. This adaptability is the foundation for the right balance between efficiency, flexibility and innovation.

In our view, enterprise architecture contains of four perspectives. The business perspective, the application perspective, the data perspective and the technology perspective. If all four are well-defined, an organization can most effectively achieve its current and future objectives.

What we offer
We strive to achieve greater alignment between your IT and your business concerns. In order to successfully develop and execute your digital roadmap, our IT experts look at the four layers of enterprise architecture (Business, Application, Data, Technology) to improve your decision-making, adaptability to change, eliminate inefficient and redundant processes. and make optimal use of your assets.
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Multi Cloud Architecture

One is not enough. In over 80% of all enterprise IT scenarios the use of at least two cloud infrastructure solutions is required per application to deliver to optimal business performance.

This can include a private cloud such as VMware, KVM and OpenStack, public cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google as well as virtual private clouds from telcos, internet service providers or system integrators. We call the combination of two or more cloud solutions a Multi Cloud.

What we offer
Together with our customers, we build Multi Cloud Architectures for new and existing enterprise IT environments. Using cloud patterns, best practices and reference architectures we ease the process so that our customers can focus on their business drivers: agility, compliance, security and user experience.
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