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Enable Blockchain on AWS

What is Blockchain?

In simple terms, a blockchain can be described as an append-only transaction ledger. What that means is that the ledger can be written onto with new information, but the previous information, stored in blocks, cannot be edited, adjusted or changed. This is accomplished by using cryptography to link the contents of the newly added block with each block before it, such that any change to the contents of a previous block in the chain would invalidate the data in all blocks after it.

Our 4-step approach to create an optimized
environment for blockchain applications

Neos created a performance optimized blockchain to accommodate 600,000 transaction requests per minute. Additional customer top requirements were security compliance and scalability. Neos conducted a 4-step approach to meet the business use case of our customer.

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1 | Test Environment & Production Environment

Neos can deploy different types of PROD and TEST environments. We secure and streamline digital transactions in a real-time Blockchain ledger deployed on Etherium nodes in AWS – distributed peer-to-peer, encrypted, private key access.
An important part of our deliverables was to provide consultancy in the area of big data as well as optimize database solutions using AWS native services Elasticsearch, Amazon Athena, EMR as well as Hadoop, Cloudera with popular frameworks such as Spark and Presto.

2 | Security Testing

We strive to achieve ultimate network security for our customers. Neos can launch your environment completely secured within an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) designed to your specifications or any certified Network security requirements.

3 | Data Recovery (DR)

Backup and DR - Consult Neos for fast and efficient use of AWS Resources with your choice of backup applications to provide your desired RTO, RPO, and regulatory compliance standards.

4 | Load Testing

Neos deploys infinitely scalable, serverless web applications featuring Elastic beanstalk web app deployment, secure user management serverless backend and RESTful API.
Furthermore, Neos uses AWS Auto Scaling to deploy your choice of technology stack based on workload demand spikes.

It seems the blockchain revolution is in full swing. Within the last 24 months, Google search requests for the keyword “blockchain” have increased by more than 200%. While everyone is talking about the benefits and use-cases, Blockchain may not be the ultimate solution for all business cases. Neos can help you to define whether blockchain is the right answer to your problem, or how to use any other solution to fit your business needs. Ultimately, using blockchain or not - we're passionate about making your endeavour a success. Whatever IT takes.

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