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Platform Ecosystem for digital identity verification

Together with our partner Contactable, we build a platform ecosystem to demonstrate the benefits of digital identity in a larger scale. Contactable will play a pivotal role as they provide a pool of personal identities. Neos generates the ecosystem for each user to access personal information upon the permission preferences.

How does it work?

First of all, Regulatory compliant customer onboarding is a secure process that is used to verify fundamental personal authentification, for instance, ID, signature, document etc. Secondly, integrated compliance, screening and validation portal will validate and create identities. This is a process to verify the personal authentification in a higher level by utilising functions, for example, bank account confirmation and home affair verification. Thirdly, users can enter the ecosystem to use personal information upon permission. Fourthly, we can access Contactable’s feature and function immediately such as authenticated mobile identity, real-time data polling and customisable customer application. Lastly, agnostic API interface is a real-time interface into multiple systems and processes.

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The prime benefits of platform ecosystem for digital identity verification are as follows. First of all, it is a trusted digital identity that can be used in various ecosystem from purchasing to banking services. Furthermore, it is a validated, authenticated and secure digital identity. Last and most importantly, real-time authentication can be done efficiently.

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