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Migration from Hosted Hadoop to Public Cloud

Develop and execute your big data strategy

Many companies that have to deal with on-premise Big Data projects experience challenges to control costs while maintaining the ability to grow and roll out new services and products while ensuring security in an increasingly complex environment. Operating the Big Data environment requires a growing part of the resources available for Big Data.

Neos helped the customer develop and execute a strategy to migrate these solutions to a secure public cloud solution that provides enhanced cost effectiveness, performance and security. The Neos solution frees up IT resources to focus on deliver the functionality required by internal customers of the Big Data solution.

From physical hosted to optimized
big data workloads in the cloud

Initially, we faced a customer situation where we took over the operations for an 800+ server, 11PTB hosted big data environment. The environment suffered an outage due to a physical data center infrastructure failure. It took 18 hours to restart the environment and there was a 48 hour service degradation. The customer asked us for quick PRD delivery in a challenging delivery time. Our project managers and big data experts started to stabilize and consolidate the environment. Take a look at the slide below to learn more about our multi-step approach to turn the initial set-up into an optimized big data workload scenario with increased redundancy and up to 40% savings.

Neos IT Services, CASE: Migration from hosted Hadoop to AWS

Neos can provide a Big Data transition to AWS
to fit your business needs

Neos provided a solution which allowed up to 40% savings using a cloud optimization plan including Stabilization – prior to transition to the cloud solution

  1. Stabilization
  2. ✔ Removed database single point of failures
    ✔ Data compression optimization
    ✔ Query optimization
    ✔ Hadoop cluster consolidation

  3. Transition to an AWS cloud solution
  4. ✔ Neos provided consultation – best AWS use case for the environment
    ✔ Neos deployed AWS POC environments

  5. Cloud Optimization
  6. ✔ Neos recommended application enhancement use of cloud native services
    ✔ Elimination of Network and Security failures – AWS Virtual Private Cloud deployment
    ✔ Unlimited scalable storage and compute

Simple “lift and shift” is not always the best option. Cloud migration projects are like fingerprints. Everyone has them, and each is unique. A simple deployment of exactly the same infrastructure in the cloud does not use cloud optimized services and may not necessarily be any cheaper than on premise. In addition, it does not make use of the Intrinsic “built in” cloud security. That's why we look at your (big data) environment individually in order to evaluate how to optimize and make best use of cloud-native services. Our Neos Cloud Architects can provide an environment optimization plan which consumes AWS or any other cloud native services rather than lift and shift.

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